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    French DJ and producer Nicolas Masseyeff released his debut album, The Motherland, on Stephan Bodzinʼs Herzblut Recordings.

    The Frenchman has long been associated with Bodzinʼs label, turning in a number of well-received cuts since first hooking up in 2008. His sound signature to date has been a varied take on dancefloor facing tech house, with releases on other labels like Systematic, Tsuba and Boxer all under his belt. 

    This new album, though, draws on a much wider sonic palate: it goes deeper and more introverted than before, making it as suited to home listening as it is to club dancing.  From the off, the album is laced with a noticeable musicality that separates it from normal two-tone tech, and in fact opener ʻTsukaʼ features a heart-broken and melancholic piano line that draws you in with teary eyes…

    From there, busy arrangements are punctuated with deft synth flourishes, dainty key work and a great sense of balance exists overall.  The album flows perfectly from start to finish, building through the gears from soothing and late-night (ʻYianùʼ) to inpatient and kinetic (ʻSoul Hunterʼ) and on through trippier, chopped up atmospheres (ʻLʼombre du Ventʼ) and darker techno variants (ʻAirmassʼ).

     Never settling for too long in one sonic niche, the allure of Masseyeffʼs

designs are that they work many different angles without ever becoming

disjointed overall.   Take the final track ʻJoy of Sadnessʼ for example a

glistening, dynamic hip-hop styled joint that leaves you feeling soothed after the rougher rides which have gone before. 

    Says Nicolas of his album… “With Motherland, I wanted to define a world of my own: a place that I call home, where I feel good and full of joy. It is a place filled with happy memories, but also a space to remind me of the difficult times in my life and those who have been with me since the beginning.” One to pick apart for DJs or to digest whole for connoisseurs, The Motherland is not only a fine artistic statement from one of Franceʼs leading electronic producers, but also an assured full length release on Herzblut Recordings which will no doubt stand the test of time. 

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